Catering bars

Bars are the synthesis of BOTRUGO production line. The larger the bar, the easier the task for us, but usually it is necessary to place many things in a very small place.

Thanks to a large number of projected and produced catering bars, BOTRUGO can easily find a solution even to the most complex demands.

Functionality of the bar is a must (it enables easier an faster work), the bar has a very significant visual role. Sometimes it is the only visual identity of a facility, and sometimes it has to fit in a bigger whole. This is why BOTRUGO also uses other materials than stainless steel, developing a successful cooperation with leading companies that produce and process marble, glass, wood, lights etc.

If you only need BOTRUGO to make stainless steel bar, and you wish to make and put a facade on your own, we are ready for cooperation and joining our work.

Download Botrugo catalog 2014 (PDF, 3MB)